Ksenia Buzina was born on September 28, 1989 in Chita.

Since childhood she was fond of music and languages. Since the girl grew up quite curious and very energetic, the parents decided to determine their beloved daughter in the children's art school at the Department of General aesthetic education. Simply put, Ksenia started choreography, singing in the choir, drawing, music, theater skills and even learn English! Having been introduced to all these disciplines, the parents settled on the piano, foreign language and drawing. Ksenia liked doing this most of all.

Being a little girl decided that she would become a singer. Dad, a musician by training, worked as an art Director in a prestigious restaurant, so the house was a professional equipment and had a large collection of backing tracks. While her parents were at work, the future singer wore « all the best at once» and rehearsed in front of the mirror. Ksyusha turned on the amplifier to the fullest and imagined herself as her favorite artists! There she is, moving rhythmically, like Angelica Varum. And now languidly looks into the hall, like Alla Pugacheva, swaying to the left, then to the right. In those moments, she felt like the happiest person in the universe! When the parents returned, she like a hurricane hid his artistic props in different corners, washed off makeup, and defiantly portrayed a diligent student. After convincing her parents that she was doing her homework, she often took out a thick notebook and wrote poems, stories and even scripts in it. Since the age of 14, she has performed at city venues, city days and periodically sang in prestigious restaurants of the city, performing cover versions of favorite songs.

By the end of school, parents convinced Ksyusha to get & ldquo;normal education for life”. Like, you sing, of course sing, but let the diploma on the shelf gathering dust. You never know how life will turn out. Ksenia entered the Chita University of Economics and law on the specialty «World Economy», where the main subjects were: Economics, international economic relations, English and Chinese languages. But every day Ksyusha became more and more convinced that she would become a singer: she participated in city and student competitions, and did not miss a single musical program, sang in Russian, English and Chinese.

In 2010, having won the regional vocal competition «Shield and lyre», Ksenia decided to try her hand in Moscow. In the capital, she came to the Studio to his countryman producer Leonid Vorobyov. An experienced professional after the first listen revealed a great potential of Xenia. With this moment begins creative a biography behest of the Ksenona, that you easily can traced on this site in section “ Events”.

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